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Institut for Trauma Therapy

Dagmar Härle


I am happy to welcome you to my homepage.

My services are aimed towards helping those who would like to assimilate burdensome elements of their past.

Trauma Therapy Room

Trauma Therapy

Trauma Therapy enables you facing memories within a protected framework, so that you can work through and integrate them into your life.

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TSY Groups

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Groups

Gentle body and breathing exercises help you to regain perception of your body as a safe place, enabling you to feel at home in it.

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About Me

As a psychotraumatologist with a focus on complex trauma disorders, I offer the tools to regain health in issues such as stress, burnout and crisis management.

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Aimed at professionals and interested laypeople, as well as afflicted individuals who seek a body-oriented method to integrate traumatic experiences.

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